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Strengthening pharmaceutical & device manufacturer relations with HCPs

Improve engagement through exploratory conversations in a non-sales environment.

Become a trusted partner who delivers valued insights.

  • Offer clinicians, prescribers & commissioners a multi-dimensional view of their environment.
  • Identify and explore areas of unmet need.
  • Facilitate requests for further insights​ & evidence.
  • Support healthcare decision makers in building a case for change.

'This is singularly the most effective and interactive tool I have used in 24 years in pharma. Please extend my thanks to the development team.'

Key Account Manager

Top 20 pharma company (by revenue 2018)

A ‘game changer’ in field-based discussions

No script, no claims, no hard sell. It’s an exploratory evidence-based conversation that can result in a request for support in an identified area for improvement.

  • Discussions of local, regional and national need resonate with HCPs & payers at all levels.
  • Allowing the audience to direct the exploratory route through the evidence leads to better engagement.
  • Custom reports generated specifically for an environment provide great value and actionable insights.
  • Creating opportunities for subsequent engagements that talk to the unmet need that’s been identified.

Connect, build and distribute

Build your own health economy dashboards or we can build them for you

  • Connect hospital episode, prescribing, performance indicator and registry/audit data, and many more real-world evidence sources.
  • Design and build your own dashboards in minutes with Connected Insight’s simple drag and drop interface.
  • Data visualisation widgets have been built specifically for compatible health economy data-sets so that configuration is minimised.
  • Mix images and text with interactive visualisations to build your story.
  • Easy to use reference manager and navigation builder.
  • Push to the field for distribution through Veeva vault or standalone for use on iPad.
  • Host as a web-based dashboard for direct use by HCPs and payers.
  • Update data sources at the click of a button and re-issue for approval and distribution.
  • Full support and training from the digital and health economics experts at Mtech Access.

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How do market access teams use Connected Insights?​

Pre-call planning

  • Identifying priority accounts by areas of greatest need and opportunity size.
  • Scoping an environment pre-engagement.
  • Identifying where a product’s value proposition can support an unmet need.
  • Creating summary reports to engage pre-call and promote a reason for an engagement.
  • Sharing valuable insights uncovered internally.

Presentation to healthcare decision makers

  • Facilitating a review and discussion of performance and unmet need​ within a given environment (local, regional and national views).
  • Presenting a complete picture of:
    – Current and historic disease management & prescribing.
    – Performance benchmarking (outcomes based).
    – Opportunities for improvement.
  • Sending actionable reports during or post engagement.
  • Increasing interest in subsequent engagements for proposed solutions to unmet needs.

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