Does Connected Insights work for all health economies? Or just the UK?

Connected Insights works globally and is compatible with any geographically based environments that are arranged in a hierarchical format.

Does Connected Insights integrate with Veeva?

Yes, Connected Insights is fully Veeva compatible. Presentations can be pushed out to your Account Managers through Veeva vault, usage can be tracked using Veeva’s inbuilt reporting and reports can be sent from the device through Approved Mail.

Can you create budget impact models with Connected Insights?

No, Budget Impact Models calculate potential scenarios based on assumptions. Connected Insights dashboards provide a window into actual current and historic disease management information for an environment. Mtech Access also produce Veeva-based budget impact models; click here to learn more about our digital BIMs and have a go with a live web-based BIM demo.

Does Connected Insights come with a data-feed?

No, the Connected Insights platform facilitates the connection and importing of data. However, Mtech Access can provide data-sourcing as a service. We are very familiar with publically available sources and can work with your internal data-sets and real-world evidence teams to plug any gaps required to tell your story.

How much does it cost?

Connected Insights is offered as a subscription platform. Subscription plans can be tailored to your requirements from entire site licenses where you can build as many dashboards for as many therapy areas as you like, to a smaller subscription commitment with a per dashboard fee where Mtech Access builds the dashboards for you. We also offer a ‘try before you buy’ option where you may commission a single dashboard as a standalone project for evaluation, before committing to a subscription model.