Primary Care Networks

Asthma and COPD prevalence by primary care network

Nacent Primary Care Networks (PCN) could be a crucial structure for market access teams to engage with. This demo takes practice level Asthma and COPD data and rolls it up to the PCN nomenclature. The map view displays the lead PCN practice postcode as a lon/lat point on the map and whilst there are some limitations with this approach it does display an interesting trend. Talk to us to find out more about which NHS structures could be key for your therapy area and product and how Connected Insights can facilitate partnerships with the NHS.

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Oncology across English CCGs

CCG oncology dashboard

Review prevalence, incidence, incidence trend, stage at diagnosis, survival and resource use for cancer at a CCG granularity for England. Views display national data as well as easy to compare groupings such as ‘similar CCG’ which enables benchmarking against demographically similar peers. This approach of demonstrating unmet need sets the scene perfectly before going on to address what impact a change in therapy might have. Talk to us to find out what data are available and how leveraging real-world data in this way can empower your market access teams in discussions with the NHS.

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Diabetes overview

Diabetes overview in England

Diabetes is a key area for disease management. There is a wealth of publicly available data that can be used to demonstrate performance against targets and to illustrate unmet need. Although, these data sources can be disparate. This demo pulls together different data sets in once place and presents key metrics in an attractive, easy-to-discuss way. Talk to us to find out more about how you can use this type of data and approach to facilitate partnerships with the NHS.

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