Connected Insights is brought to you by Mtech Access; a global market access consultancy that delivers digital solutions, alongside evidence and value services.

Our specialist team understand the challenges faced by pharma and medtech clients when engaging with clinicians and healthcare professionals.

Healthcare decision makers are looking for pharma and medtech professionals to help identify and solve their challenges.

Decision makers in the NHS and other health economies globally have access to vast amounts of disparate information on prescribing practices, disease prevalence, patient outcomes, etc. Yet few HCPs have the time or resources to bring together this data to identify solutions and action change.

HCPs, therefore, welcome pharma and medtech’s support in this area.

We built Connected Insights to empower our clients to offer these insights.

Connected Insights enables pharma and medtech clients to build compelling, evidence-based storyboards which start conversations, develop partnerships and drive positive change.

'I believe NHS can learn from pharma and that we should develop a best practice for interactions. I think most commissioners would agree... Each CCG has their own horizon scanning data sources and methods - it would be really good if we could all share findings and practice, including case studies of prescribing change.'

NHS payer

Our team is here to support you with each step on your journey with Connected Insights.


We can build your dashboards for you in Connected Insights. Our experienced team will consult with you to create data visualisations that will illustrate your story and help you achieve your objectives.


We can train your team to create their own dashboards. We can show you how to illustrate your story and enable change by making the best use of the different features and visualisation options in Connected Insights.


As you grow in confidence and see the benefits of utilising Connected Insights’ dashboards, our team will continue to support you. Full tech support and design guidance is available to all our subscribed clients.